Monday, March 9, 2009

Will + Emma

The Schwarz and I went to Amherst on Saturday, to visit his youngest brother (Will) and my sister (Emma). They're both students at our alma mater, UMass.    

It was a deliciously warm day for early March, and when we arrived around noon Will was dressed for summer. The boys and I went into town to grab sandwhiches at The Black Sheep. YUM. One of my favorite things about going back to visit is eating. We met up with my sister at her apartment around 2:45, when she was finished with dance practice. My parents and brother showed up about 30 minutes later and the Mays and Schwarzes split up for the afternoon.  

Eric and Will went on an errand or two, hung out in the dorm, and ordered wings (yuck) before going to the hockey game (UMass won). 

My family went to Panera to get some snacks before an afternoon of shopping. Not my favorite thing, but it was fun for us to be together. My sister's going to Vegas in 4 days, and she needs clothes and shoes, so we helped her get everything she needed. We ended the day with a great meal at Amherst Brewing Company. Oh. My. God. The sweet potato fries are so delicious. Afterwards we walked (Max and I skipped) back to my sister's apartment and then said good-bye. I got to spend a little more time with Emma before Eric picked me up and we headed to his parent's house for the night. 

We spent yesterday with Eric's mom & dad (and I ate waaaay too many cookies). We went for a long walk with his mom and I sat with him and his dad while the smoked disgusting cigars. 

Today I'm exhausted. I hope this post isn't too long or confusing! 


Emily said...

oh my goodness what an outfit!!!!!

lisatheisa said...

Too short and not at all confusing! Good times :)


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