Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts

  • A paradox: Some people think I'm much younger than I am (I was mistaken for a 15 year old in September), and other people call me ma'am. Ma'am seems like a title for a more mature woman. I doubt the people calling me ma'am actually think I'm mature, but I suppose they don't know that they could say "miss" instead. If you see a lady who looks younger than, say, 55, call her miss. It'll probably make her feel good. 

  • I saw a cool license plate Sunday: SCRFCE (scar face, right?). I didn't get a photo. 

  • I have an idea simmering. It's about pizza. I'm not yet ready to reveal more.

  •  I won't be gong to business school. What will I do instead? Now would be a really great time for somebody to offer me the best job on Earth. I'm still trying to figure out what I love. What's your dream job? 

  • Thinking of spring. And flowers. 

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Kelly said...

it's now 830 am and i'm craving pizza. thanks! LOL!

btw, i fixed Mr. Linky so come back over to http://babyboogers.blogspot.com/ and sign!

ps. why is my captcha word "cocani"? a little too close to an illegal drug, if you ask me! LOL!

Peggy said...


Best job in the world? Got it! Where we vacation, there is a man whose got the best job ever! He sits on the beach and make sure nobody sits in the beach chairs reserved for our complex...we call him the beach nazi...affectionally of course! :)

ps - my captcha word was drfacin...he must be the one prescribing Kelly up there with her cocani.

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

Best job in the world sounds like Peggy's 'beach nazi' - that would be sweet to sit on a beach all day long for a job! ;)

I agree with the 'Ma'am' vs. 'Miss'... I get mistaken for being 15 years younger than I actually am, but never for a 15 year old...LOL! ;)

Happy RTT! :)

little miss spy said...

beach all day - that would be lovely :)

i don't know what's up with the captcha words. they are outta control! lol

Julie@Cool Mom Guide said...

I've have guessed Sacrifice ;)

I live near an army base and when I worked at the airport hot guys called me ma'am all the time and make me feel like a cougar even though I was only 27 lol.

Jaime said...

have you ever been carded at the movie theater? i have. THREE TIMES. nah - i'm not still bitter at all

GreenJello said...

Dream Job = Stay At Home Mom

But that ain't ever gonna happen. Sigh.

little miss spy said...

i haven't been carded at a movie theater (luckily, since i never bring my ID!).

Keely said...

I would have guessed Sacrifice, too...guess my brain isn't with Al Pacino.

If someone calls me "miss" I find it condescending. But that's just me. I don't like it when people call me 'cute' either.

Or at least I'm sure I wouldn't, if it ever happened.

*Just Jen* said...

I get mistaken for much younger sometimes too! Which is GREAT! And then the teenager at Burger King calls me ma'am and I feel like a granny! lol Happy TT!

Jonny's Mommy said...

People often mistake me for being younger...then they aren't sure and say "ma'm?" as if questioning it. Whatever...I'll love it if they still aren't sure when I'm 40.

Cool flower shot. Love the angle!

Jennifer said...

Dream job? Other than chief pizza idea tester? Maybe working in a test kitchen. I love the science of cooking.

ArtSnark said...

mmmm...pizza...Dream job.....Pizza tester...mmmm

BMay said...

dream job? Artist. Well, gotta go paint now!


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