Friday, March 27, 2009

Peppy Orangutan & Origami Sticky Notes

What a wonderful surprise! 

My friendly UPS man showed up with 2 packages this afternoon. I was starled to find this peppy orangutan & origami sticky note pad inside the first box. My frist thought was that somebody has screwed up an order I placed the other day. My second was that I'd accidentally opened somebody else's package. After checking I was relieved to find that it was addressed to me, but confused since I didn't order anything from Think Geek. I fished around inside the box and found a packing slip, and then it all made sense. It's a birthday gift from Drew (Eric's brother)! Thank you, Drew. You're the best! :) The orangutan is solar powered and required was assembly (which I obviously enjoyed). Now that he's all put together, he "climbs" a little rope. Fun! 

As I said, I recieved two packages today. Aren't you curious what was in the other one? Okay, okay. Since you're begging, I'll tell you. My new card sets! Check out Everything Little Miss for more information.

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