Wednesday, March 4, 2009

An Old Letter From My Sister

My sister wrote me this letter in February 2007, when I'd only been living in Boston for a little over a month. She told me all about her new class schedule and her weird roommate situation. But best of all, she included little drawings. She's always doodling, and sometimes she creates amazingly complex designs. She can also sing and dance! I don't think she knows how jealous I am. Jealous in a good, proud way. 

She has her own photo blog, and sometimes she includes photos of her doodles. It's also filled with the adorable misspellings I mentioned yesterday


Emily said...

Thanks April! and is my spelling really that bad lol

little miss spy said...

your spelling is often hasty. our favorite thing you do is use "defiantly" when you mean to say "definitely" - it usually makes the reading much more interesting :)

Emily said...

hahahaha i never can spell that word!!! good thing i'm not an english major anymore hahahahha.


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