Thursday, March 26, 2009

Moist Towelette

Okay. When I was little I loved Friendly's for two reasons. 
  1. Ice cream*
  2. Moist Towelettes (aka wet naps)
A meal at Friendly's was a rare treat.** The waitress would bring it out with the little wet nap on the side of the plate. I'd eat my meal, savoring the deliciously fried and forbidden food, and eye that little towel the entire time, practically bursting with anticipation. I wouldn't use any napkins, because I wanted my moist towelette to be as useful as possible. Once I'd cleared my plate, I would tear the little packet open with joy and carefully unfold the towel. Then I'd clean each finger separately. If I was quick, it would stay moist long enough to also wipe my mouth. If I wasn't fast enough I would try to fake it by pouring water on the towel, but it wasn't the same. 

I loved the smell of the wet naps. I loved that they'd get cold. And most of all, I loved that using them felt like a race against time, because they dry up so quickly. 

I was surprised (and way too excited) to find this little guy sitting on Eric's half of the desk. Where did it come from? Why do we have it? Why am I so thrilled? It's funny that something so small can bring up such a clear memory. What are your opinions about wet naps? 

*I could really go for some watermelon sherbert right about now. 
**As a kid, meals from McDonald's and Friendly's were treats. LOL. Now I'd rather avoid them. 


gramma said...

I go back a long way. My treats were hot pastrami sandwich on real rye bread, frankfurters with sauerkraut(naturally fermented), and potato salad. Allpurchased at a local delicatessen store. It was savored at home. The mustard was wrapped in a heavily waxed cornucopia.
Still my favorite treat, but difficult to find today.

*sara* said...

Moist towelette remind me of Friendly's too! And I totally agree, I loved it as a kid but would never go there now!

docmay said...

i love this are a wonderful writer.

little miss spy said...

:) thanks dad


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