Sunday, March 15, 2009

Dried Bouquet

One year ago today I was a bridesmaid in Kristen's wedding. I still have the bouquet I carried down the aisle because I dried it in our living room, where it continues to hang. It's still lovely, and some of the flowers really held onto their color.

I haven't seen Kristen since the morning after her wedding, because she and her husband moved to Japan just a few days after she was married. We write letters and emails, but it's not the same as spending time together. Somebody pleeeeease send me on a trip to Japan! 

Happy anniversary Kristen & Giff Y


BMay said...

top picture is my fave - what elegance you have found in decay...nature has much to teach about how things change, and endings

Kristen and Giff said...

love it abril mayo. i sometimes wonder what my bouquet looks like. i wish i could have preserved it better. one of my friends has hers framed in a shadow box and it looks beautiful. we hung mine up with elizabeth's in giff's parents' garage and i haven't seen any pictures of it. it makes me happy to know that you still have yours and you can look at it everyday and think of me. i miss you!!! hurry to japan!!!


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