Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Look What I Found!

My brother wrote this paper just over 3 years ago now, when he was in 6th grade. I rediscovered it today when I was looking through an old folder. It's probably the greatest thing ever written. Below you can find the full text (including mistakes, which the teacher made no effort to correct - what the heck?). 

The worlds best Person (besides me) 

February 6, 2006

The worlds most important person to me is beleave is or not my sister.

Her name is April May. I can smell April evan if it is January. She smells like freshness and joy (wich is spring). Like every one she can have bad days, but ushually She is as nice and kind as can be. She helps wit home work (she is really good at that espesicaly because she gruated college), she helps clean, and she evan plays games with me. April helps some kids that goe to Sullivan School that have a hard time speaking english, so as you can see she is a big help. April and I do almost everything together all of the time.

I love April. 

Isn't he great? Really, he's wonderful. For those of you who don't know, we're like twins born 11 years apart. And it's true, we do a lot together. Not as much now that I don't live at home, but we have a blast when we do see each other. 

Next time I'll write about how amazing my sister is. She's different than the two of us in many ways, but we also all have an awful lot in common (she makes similarly endearing spelling mistakes)! 


docmay said...

love dad

Anonymous said...

How lovely for both of you.


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