Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Portrait Of A Horse

Eric and I went to Harvard yesterday to do luandry, return the crosss country skis to his parents, and change his tires back to summer tires. When we got there his parents were out, so we decided to take advantage of the unbelievably perfect weather and go for a walk. We saw a few horses, but this one was a real ham. He was practically posing for me - it was great!

When we visit Eric's parents we always eat them out of house and home, and yesterday was no exception. We stayed for dinner (family friends also joined us), and it was delicious. Salmon, salad with all sorts of goodies (avacado, cherry tomatoes, orange and yellow peppers, feta cheese, and some more stuff), rice pilaf, and garlic bread. What a treat! I had mint chocolate chip ice cream for dessert (I have a killer sweet tooth).  

Today I don't really know what Eric's been up to, but we're both still in PJs (yeah, I know it's 4:30 pm) and we've been sooo busy. I started the morning by hand-lining envelopes for Everything Little Miss. Then I figured out pricing for the new sets. After that I had to write desciptions for each of the new products and edit and upload photos. So after many hours of work (and some help from my roommate), the new sets are available for sale and featured in the blog!

We were going to work on a top-secret photography project today, but it's been too dark out. It'll just have to wait. We're off to the grocery store and Barnes & Nobel. Catch ya on the flip side. :)

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