Friday, June 5, 2009

The Special Delivery

Yesterday I promised I'd tell you all about my special delivery. I'm here today to fulfill that promise!

Last week I visited a stationary store in downtown Boston, and I spoke with the owner. I told her about Everything Little Miss and asked if she'd look at my stuff. She said I could bring some samples in on Wednesday or Thursday of this week. So I spent a lot of time getting my cards ready and finalizing the packaging, and I headed over to Rugg Road Paper Company on the 3rd. When I arrived, the owner was speaking with a sales rep, and I ended up waiting for about an hour. With each passing minute I grew more nervous! Finally she had a moment to meet with me, and she was really kind and positive about my designs. And guess what! She decided to make a purchase! She selected 6 different cards designs. I'm feeling more confident about my creations and I'm over the moon!

It was exactly what I wanted to happen, but I couldn't believe it. I practically ran out of the store to call my mom and dad and Eric. I managed to get everything packaged up by yesterday afternoon, and Eric drove me over to deliver the goods when he got home from work. 

So it's official, you can now get cards by Everything Little Miss in downtown Boston! How incredibly cool is that? Wanna check them out in real life? 

I also wrote about this on the Everything Little Miss blog. Happy weekend! I'll be smiling the whole time!


Jess said...

This is fantastic news!

I am absolutely thrilled for you and way to go hanging in there waiting for an hour with the nerves wracking up points!

You rock!

little miss spy said...

Thanks Jess! There nerves were definitely worth it :)

BMay said...

woohoo! very nice, very nice. Congrats, and many happy returns of the day on that.


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