Friday, June 12, 2009

Making The Bed

I've been making the bed everyday since I got laid off. I never used to make the bed.

Well, I've discovered that my mom was right. Getting into a nicely made bed is so much more relaxing than getting into a jumble of sheets and blankets. It's not like it's hard to make the bed. I don't do any hospital corners or anything, I just straighten out the blankets and arrange the pillows. It takes like 35 seconds. Easy peasy.

Today's question: Do you make your bed? Why or why not?

Wondering what the picture has to do with making the bed? Those are our sheets. Girly, I know, but I love them. I actually got them before Eric and I moved in togther, and since sheets are expensive I wasn't about to get rid of them! I got them four of five years ago, and they're a mix and match set. I chose a pink fitted sheet and red pillow cases. The only problem with these sheets is that they aren't as luxuriously soft as our set that's made with organic cotton.

Happy Friday.


PaperdayStudio/Katie Stephenson said...

I used to never make the bed but lately I have been every day and I love it, although every now and then I like to leave it a big mess.

*sara* said...

I've been making our bed everyday since then too! I love walking by our bedroom and seeing how neat and pretty our bed looks and, you're right, it's much nicer getting into a made bed!

gramma said...

I have retrogressed. I was always fussy about making my bed and putting on the bedspread. Now, I do straighten the sheets because I could never get into and unmade bed, but I do not bother with the spread. Nobody complains, there is just me, myself and I.

Anonymous said...

It's KC - I always make the bed. I can't stand getting into an un-made bed and it makes everything look 100 times neater without having to clean a thing, just because the bed is made. I also don't do fancy corners, i just make sure the comforter hangs lower than the sheets so it looks neat :)


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