Friday, June 26, 2009

New Shelves

My new shelves! We put them up last weekend, and they've made my life much more mangable.

Almost all the things you see there had been piling up on the floor next to my desk. I've been accumulating a lot in my efforts to get Everything Little Miss off the ground, and in our small apartment I didn't have any place to my new stuff. Solution: shelves. They are wonderful.

I spent hours on Monday getting everything organized just so. I'm really happy with how the room looks and I feel like I have so much more space.

What a difference a few shelves can make!

Have you made any simple changes lately?

Don't forget to check out my new designs at Everything Little Miss; I added 4 cards to the shop! And if you missed yesterday's Lost In Thoughts, you should take a peek and let me know what's been inspiring you this week.

Happy, happy weekend!

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