Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Spot Of Yellow

I almost forgot to post today! Oops.

Well here's a little burst of sunshine for you, after another rainy day. I'm not complaining though. If the sun were out I'd feel guilty for sitting at my computer. And I'd probably be roasting like a turkey in our apartment, because it gets so hot. If you're wondering, no, we do not own an air conditioner. I don't know where we'd keep it the 48 - 49 weeks per year that we don't need it. And we'd probably end up using it when it wasn't strictly necessary. Then we'd be wasting energy and money, so we don't have one. Some weeks in the summer are difficult, but we break out the ice packs and turn on the fan - so far that's worked.

Anyway, back to the daisy. In early spring it rained a lot. For like 2 weeks straight. Remember? Before the rain there wasn't much happening, flower-wise, but when the sun made an appearance it seemed like the world had bloomed overnight. I'm reminded of that now (with the endless rain). I feel like I'm in a bit of a time-loop because every day is grey, but it doesn't mean nature's stopped. When the clouds part and I venture outside I'm surprised to find lush gardens and new flowers blooming. That makes me smile. ☺

I introduced a Scattered Hearts Set and a Garbanzo Bean single over at Everything Little Miss today. And don't forget that tomorrow's Lost In Thoughts Thursday!

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