Thursday, June 11, 2009

Strappy Sandals

I took this photo in 2005, when Eric and I were on our road trip. We saw this lady in New York City, our last major stop.

I hope those sandals are long gone. The weirdly cropped pants, too. They weren't doing anything for her. Well I guess they were doing thing something. They caught my attention! Ha.

Now that it's close to summer, I'm wondering what horrible sandals will pop up this year. Sometimes I think designers are a just messing with us; just testing how far into ugly they can go. Do you know what I mean? Seriously, there are like 10 people in the world who actually look good in sandals like that, but I still see them around (4 years later!).

Have you spotted any outrageous (bad or good) styles lately?

Today's Thursday, so that means I've got a new Lost In Thoughts up on Everything Little Miss blog. The third video is amazing, so you should definitely check it out!

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