Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Giveaway, Fenway, & Last Day

I've got 3 completely unrelated topics to cover today.

The first is a fun Everything Little Miss giveaway over at Carrots 'N' Cake. It's easy to enter, and 2 winners will be picked tonight. Just visit Tina's post and follow the simple rules of the game! Each winner will get a set of the apples cards and a garbanzo bean card (9 cards total).

Look at this cute light switch cover my mom got for us.

I put it up yesterday morning. It's perfect for our bathroom light, because nobody can ever find the switch. I'm hoping this will help draw attention to it so guests won't be so confused. (Thanks mom!)

Today is Eric's last day at Salary.com. July will be a bit of a summer vacation for both of us. It's good for him to take this time off, because by all accounts HBS is very intense. He starts in mid-August, which is creeping up on us very quickly!

Eric, congratulations! You've had 3 successful years at your job and you have 2 exciting years (and the rest of your life) ahead of you. I'm so proud!

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pm said...

congrats on all the great goings on.


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