Thursday, June 18, 2009


Posting has been light this week. My life revolves around job applications and Everything Little Miss. Job applications aren't that interesting, and you can read about Everything Little Miss over on that blog. So, I haven't had much to say.

But today is different. Today is my little sister's 21st birthday! Maybe little isn't the right word. I have her gifts (yeah, that's plural) all ready for her, and I'll give them to her when I see her next. Yay. Happy birthday Emma! I hope it's a wonderful day. And don't forget to make a birthday wish!

Here's a picture of us circa 1990. I'm guessing my dad took it.

I'm wearing my favorite paint-splattered jeans (left).
Emma's wearing a shirt our mom made (right).

Here's one of us (and our brother, Max) from this past Thanksgiving. Our dad took it while we were waiting for dessert.

Max, me, & Emma

Isn't she beautiful? Her hair's not as curly as it used to be, and she has a nose ring now, but her laugh hasn't changed. She's busy working (3 jobs!) and having fun during her summer vacation. (Aside: You may remember that Max recently had a birthday, too. And I think today is his last day of his freshman year!)

On another note, don't forget to check out today's Lost In Thoughts! There are a few more pictures of my sister and some fun finds.


Sara said...

LOVE that picture of the 2 of you! Your expressions are both so "you" and, of course, the paint splattered jeans are fabulous!

max said...

actually i got out yesterday. :o

gramma said...

Emma and April-charming, delightful.Wasn't that just yesterday?

Emily said...

thanks april!!! sorry i haven't been able to comment till now but i appreciate the wonderful post :) my birthday was supreme i miss you and love you!!!!!!!!!


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