Friday, May 29, 2009

Mission: Failed

Yesterday morning I set out on a mission. And I totally failed. oh well, it happens. 

I headed over to DeLafayette Avenue in downtown Boston fully intending to photograph dancers in line for the So You Think You Can Dance auditions. I don't know if I was too late, if nobody in Boston wanted to try out, or if they were all inside registering and keeping warm and dry, but there was nobody there! On TV the lines are always down the block and around the corner. I did see two large bouncer-looking men standing outside an open door with a very tiny sign that said "So You Think You Can Dance Auditions," but they were intimidating and I was afraid to take a picture. 

Since I was downtown I decided to do some walking around. I stopped by a really old cemetery, called the Central Burying Ground, within Boston Common. I'd never been there before, and it was really cool. I'll probably go back. 

Then I made my way over to Charles Street and passed the Make Way For Ducklings sculpture.

I went to a super cute stationary store called Rugg Road Paper Company and had a nice little chat with owner. 

When I left, I took a picture of Black Ink's (neighbors with the paper store) window display, because it featured gnomes. I didn't go in, but I've been there many other times and it's always fun.

Finally I made my way over to the Library to pick up a few books that I had on hold. Then I got on the T and made my way home. 

So even though my mission was technically a failure, I'd say the outing was actually very successful! I enjoyed myself immensely (in spite of the cold, damp, dreary weather). 

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