Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Grand Illumination In Oak Bluffs - August 18

Last Wednesday Eric and I went to the Grand Illumination (I'll explain) in Oak Bluffs. We got there early and went to dinner at Giordano's (Eric used to be a bar tender there, and we're pretty sure we got moved to the front of the line!). Oak Bluffs was packed, so it was a good thing we planned ahead. After dinner, we headed to the Campground to wait for the festivities to begin. On our way over we witnessed a stunning Vineyard sunset.

sunset in oak bluffs, martha's vineyard

It was getting pretty dark by the time we got to the Tabernacle, and the band was just beginning to play. They played a million patriotic songs, so it felt a little like the 4th of July. 

band playing at the tabernacle in oak bluffs, martha's vineyard

The music actually went on for much longer than we anticipated, and it started to rain a little bit. But we held our ground because we didn't want to miss the Grand Illumination! Okay, so what is this Grand Illumination business? Well, all the owners if the gingerbread cottages (the cute little houses I've written about before) at the campground decorate with lanterns. And then, when it's time, they all light them at once! Yeah, it's pretty much just as awesome as it sounds! I'd never been before, so it was a real to-do.

grand illumination in oak bluffs, martha's vineyard

Once the houses are all lit up, masses up people walk around snapping pictures and oohing + ahhing. It's really quite a darling tradition.

lanterns in the tabernacle in oak bluffs, martha's vineyard

It rained on and off, so we took cover inside the Tabernacle for a bit. There were lanterns lining the edge of the entire thing, and they were so pretty up close and from a distance.

illumination lanterns in oak bluffs, martha's vineyard

We ventured outside again, when the rain slowed. Some people went beyond their porches, and decorated the lawns with lanterns and candles inside paper bags (though the rain prevented most candles from being lit). 

grand illumination lantern in oak bluffs, martha's vineyard

This little boy was just about the most adorable thing. I only saw him for a split second, and I can't believe I got this picture. His dad was carrying him and when he saw this huge lantern in a tree, he reached out to touch it. My heart was melting. 

Eventually the rain starting coming down a little too hard, and we made a mad dash for the car. It was such a beautiful night! 

P.S. I didn't even have a tripod! 


♥Georgie♥ said...

your photos are amazing!

little miss spy said...

thanks georgie! :)

gramma said...

The lower right hand corner of the balloon photo resembles Rembrandt's palette.---the darkness and the bit of soft light on the little boy's hand and face.

Kristen said...

oh my gosh these are spectacular!! i love love love them and i REALLY want to use one of the sunset pictures as a guest appearance in my calendar next year. maybe it could be for march for your birthday? let me know what you think.

and p.s. i want to go to the great illumination. i can't wait to go to the vineyard with you guys!

little miss spy said...

kristen, we could arrange for a guest appearance in your sunset calendar :)

i can't wait for you to come to the vineyard, either! but first, you just need to get back to living in the US!


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