Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ninety Two Years Old

Yesterday Eric's grandfather turned 92! That's pretty cool, huh? We joined him, his older sister, along with Eric's aunt and cousin for dinner last night to celebrate. We ate at Blue Canoe, and Eric's other cousin was our waitress, which was extra special. We were seated outdoors, and it was a gorgeous night for a birthday celebration. 

ninety two years old

This photo was actually taken on Saturday night, when we celebrated with Eric's dad, mom, and brother, since Eric parents wouldn't be around for the actual day. So there was lots of celebrating going on, which is only right since 92 only comes around every once in awhile and is a pretty big deal.


gramma said...

Happy Birthday, Eric's grandpa.
Long ago, my father said that each day over the age of 70 is a gift. So, may you be gifted with many more happy days.

lisatheisa said...

Happy Birthday toooo youuu Eric's grandpa! So glad you had a chance to spend time together for a wonderful celebration, many more to come :)


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