Thursday, August 5, 2010

Eight Years

Eight years ago, Eric kissed me and I said, I guess that means you're my boyfriend now. I don't think those were my exact words and I didn't say them for a few hours, but that's pretty much how it all began.

Since he's currently in Philly and I'm in Boston, he called me bright and early this morning just to say happy anniversary. It is happy, too, because we're celebrating eight years of growing, laughing, and being awesome. That's pretty great!

P.S. Know what? He comes back on Saturday! As in the day after tomorrow!

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Jennifer said...

And I'm so happy I've known you guys for all of it (and before!)!!! I remember when you guys first got just seemed so natural! Remember when me & Eric came to NA to visit and you asked if I would mind if you left your bedroom (where we were sleeping) an visited with Eric downstairs??? I thought it was sooo cute :) and still do! Love you guys! And yay to Eric coming home! xoxo

little miss spy said...

of course i remember! :)

Schwarz said...

8 years with that guy sounds painful. I think you got the short end of the bargain.

Sara said...

Happy Anniversary! Love you both!! Enjoy each other tomorrow!!


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