Thursday, August 19, 2010

Sunrise In Vineyard Haven

Yesterday morning I woke up, looked out the window, and practically flew out of bed. I raced downstairs, grabbed my camera, and ran down the three flights of stairs to the beach without ever looking at a clock. But I'd have to guess it was about 5:45, because look what I saw:

sunrise in vineyard haven - 18 august 2010

Holy moly! Starting the day with such beautifully pink perfection is pretty awesome. There was no way I could go back to sleep after that, so I started working by 6:30. Next month I'll be sending out my very first Everything Little Miss newsletter, so I worked on my newsletter layout and wrote a bit of the content. It turned out to be a very productive morning!

*Today on Everything Little Miss, I wrote about being inspired by the ocean. If you stop by the ELM blog, you can sign up for my newsletter! 


Sara said...

WOW!!! Stunning!

lisatheisa said...

Spectacular! Cant' wait to get on that ferry tomorrow, will we see you two & the crew?

Kristen said...

Wow that is GORGEOUS! Maybe it can make an appearance in my sunsets calendar next year? I know it's not a sunset, but it's so spectacular that it deserves to be honored :)

Michelle | When I Grow Up Coach said...

Can I live in this photo? How can we make that happen?


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