Monday, August 2, 2010

Crane Beach

On Saturday, some friends and I headed to Ipswich for a glorious day in the sun at Crane Beach. We packed up the car with chairs, blankets, magazine, and snacks and headed north on a little adventure. It was my first time visiting the area, and it was just beautiful. On our way, we even drove by a real live polo practice! I'd never seen anything like that (except in Pretty Woman).

The beach was an absolute delight. It was so great to have my feet in the sand and the sound of the ocean as the soundtrack to the day. I had a lot of fun with the girls, and everybody everywhere was smiling.

The only downside to the day was a bit of miscommunication in the morning. We accidentally left one of our friends behind; we assumed (always stupid) she wasn't coming, and didn't wait around at all to find out. We left in a hurry, but if we'd stayed at our meeting point in Harvard Square just a few more minutes, it would have been a perfect day. 

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