Friday, August 13, 2010

Working From The Vineyard

In case it hasn't been apparent, I've spent the past week working from Martha's Vineyard. It certainly is nice having connections to such a wonderful place. I set up shop at the dining room table, so I've had the most lovely view of the ocean.

vineyard haven yacht club

I took this picture at the Vineyard Haven Yacht Club just before sunset a few nights ago. The weather has been absolutely amazing, and I'm feeling very relaxed!  It's nice to have a change of pace, even if I'm still working. The very best thing, of course, is how much time I've been spending with Eric. Yesterday we even took on a little construction project. I may even share some pictures here in  the next few days!


docmay said...

i don't know much about yachts, but those look a lot like row boats!

perhaps you are mistaken and you visited the vineyard haven rowboat club...the yacht club is down the road a piece

gramma said...

Yacht or rowboat, the Vineyard looks like a great place to be.


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