Friday, August 20, 2010

Sunset In Vineyard Haven

Since we're leaving a few hours, it seems appropriate to share a sunset picture (get the metaphor there?). 

sunset in vineyard haven - 19 august 2010

Last night we went to one of our secret spots to watch the sunset. The ride is a bumpy one, reminiscent of a roller coaster. And then at the end, you get out of the car to watch Mother Nature make some magic. We brought drinks (peach Izze for me, ginger ale for Eric + Will) and sandwiches for the show. After we ate, we got out the fishing pole; that's Eric in the picture. 

Le sigh. Goodbye. 

P.S. Still more Vineyard photos to share. Wait for it. 


Sara said...

OMG Another amazing photo! Love it! Definitely needs to be framed!

gramma said...

You caught a great shot-was there a catch at the end of the line?

Schwarz said...

Great picture. Your sunrise one was great as well - looks like tough place to be. I'm of course jealous.

little miss spy said...

thanks, guys.

gramma, no. we didn't catch any fish. i'm sort of glad. haha!


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