Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Construction Project: Blue Bench

I've always loved this blue bench that's on the Vineyard. But in recent years, it's fallen into disrepair. The legs were rotting and it looked dangerous to sit in. I think everybody was a little sad to see it falling apart.

blue bench - before

While we were there, Eric decided that we should fix it! He went out and bought all of the supplies to replace the seat and legs, and then we went to work. First we had to take it apart, then we had to measure and drill and hammer and screw everything back together. And then we primed. And painted. And painted. And painted some more (1 coat of spray paint, 2 coats with brushes). The result is AWESOME!

blue bench - after

We didn't change anything about the back, except to repaint it and reattach one of the arms where it had come undone. Want to know something super cool about this bench? The back flips over, so the bench can face either direction without picking it up and turning it! 

We're both pretty proud of the outcome. The new paint is very, very shiny and blue. 


♥Georgie♥ said...

I think it looks fab restored!

little miss spy said...

thanks! :)

docmay@gmail.com said...

great job...i have some work you 2 can do around here!


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