Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Seven Years

Seven years ago today Eric and I started dating. Is it still called dating after years have passed?

We met freshman year; we lived next door to each other. We became friends early on, and I never imagined that we'd date. As the year progressed we became closer, and we visited each other over the summer and talked on a daily basis. A few weeks before we returned to school (August 5, 2002) we decided to give the whole boyfriend/girlfriend thing a try.

Since then, we've studied abroad together (2003), graduated with honors (2005), travelled across the country and back in 1990 Toyota Camry (2005), moved in together (2007), and grown together (2002 - 2009).

Eric has helped me through hard times and challenging situations. He makes me laugh and feel beautiful. He encourages me to be myself and follow my heart. He proof-reads my blog posts. I've helped him find his style and assert himself. I edited his business school application essays and I help him fight his road rage. I make him laugh all of the time, and I'm proud of him always. There's more, but that's enough for now.

At the beginning we were both worried about ruining an amazing friendship. We're still best friends.

To Eric: thank you.

[I think Eric took the top photo. The bottom photo was taken by Kristen.]


Sara said...

awwwww What a sweet post! Happy Anniversary you two love birds!!

lisatheisa said...

Thanks for this beauteous retrospective, happy anni to you two!

Wow how did that Camry handle the cc trip? :)

Julia said...

Soo sweet. Why does Eric look so serious in the first pic?

little miss spy said...

I think he was focusing on aiming the camera more than on smiling. lol :)


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