Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Birthday Bouquet

Eric got me a beautiful bouquet for my birthday. Now that's it's been a few days I've broken it up into two vases, to keep the flowers looking fresh, but it was a really gorgeous arrangement!

birthday bouquet



The last few days have been so busy. Mostly because it's been so beautiful that I've been spending every spare minute outside in the glorious sun! Saturday we went to Drumlin Farm to see the baby animals. I took a lot of photos, but most aren't that great. I'll post one or two as soon as I get a minute to go through them. Sunday we had Easter with Eric's family and some of their friends. I wore a dress and everything! It was fun (plus, there was carrot cake for dessert in honor of my birthday - awesome, right?).

There are a few more photos of my pretty, pretty flowers on flickr, if you're interested!

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