Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Future Of Menus?

On Friday night we joined some friends for dinner at Da Vinici Ristorante (yay for restaurant week!). The food was excellent, and the company was even better. Our waiter was a pill, but all of the other staff seemed great (after our meal the chef came out to ask us how everything was; I felt like a VIP). You guys, this place had glowing menus. Glowing!

menu at da vinci

Some guy who works there told us they cost $200 each (maybe that's why there weren't enough to go around - we only got 3 for a table of 6). It seems a little excessive, but it was so dark in there we probably wouldn't have been able to see the menu otherwise. It was a fun novelty, that's for sure!

I took this picture with my blackberry, but you can clearly see that the menu is lighting up Eric and Joe.


Sara said...

The waiter was "a pill"?? Sounds like something Dodi would say! LOL

little miss spy said...

well i was going to say that he was a jerk, but thought that pill sounded nicer. lol. i miss dodi!

gramma said...

I have been in restaurants where it was so dark that I used the little candle on the table to read the menu and once in an Indian restaurant used the small flash for reading theater programs.
Lighted menus are an improvement.
If the food is delicious, all is forgiven


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