Thursday, April 8, 2010

Drumlin Farm, Spring 2010

On Saturday we visited Drumlin Farm. All of the baby animals are born in spring, but we usually don't make it there until a little later in the season. It was totally worth it; the lambs and kids were so sweet.

lamb under heat lamp

We're pretty sure this lamb was only about a week old. It was laying under a heat lamp, which is why the light is red.

kids playing

The baby goats (kids) were hilarious. They ran back and forth, butted heads, and even fell a few times. We watched them playing with each other and testing out their little legs for a long time.

head buried in the hay

This sheep must have been really hungry, because every time it took a bite it buried its entire head in the hay!

goat in a pen

It's a little blurry, but I really like this picture a lot. Love it, actually!

See more animal photos from our Saturday at Drumlin Farm on flickr.

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gramma said...

What am I looking at? Is it a tongue???

little miss spy said...

if you mean the bottom picture, it's a profile of a goat, so it's the ear.


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