Friday, April 16, 2010

HBS Chapel

Last night we went to the HBS Chapel for an awesome a capella concert. Two of Eric's classmates are in the all-male group called Heard on the Street (HOTS), and they were amazing. Like now-I-want-autographs good.

The Harvard Opportunes (the undergrad mixed a capella group) opened the show, and they were fantastic. Next, HBS' all-female group, the She-E-Os, performed. And then the boys came out and, like I said, they were just stunning.

Unfortunately, I didn't have my camera with me; I didn't have a great view from my seat anyway. BUT, it was my first time in the Chapel and I just had to whip out my Blackberry to get a shot of the greenhouse and waterfall that were in the entrance!

HBS Chapel

Wow, what a building! I mean, it's interesting from the outside (it's cylindrical), but the inside is a beautiful sanctuary.

Anyway, great concert. Wish you were all there.

Happy weekend!

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