Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Canon Digital Elph

Before we went to San Francisco, we bought a Nikon point-and-shoot. We returned it when we got back, because it just wasn't living up to my expectations. Since then, we've been looking for a replacement.

When we went to the Red Sox Game, our friend Wally was using a Canon that I really liked. The next day I purchased the same camera, used, on Amazon. That night I got a disappointing email informing me that the camera had mistakenly been double-listed, and had actually been sold the day before. Grrr. I kept looking, but the other ones were out of my price range.

Then we were very busy with Eric's family for ten days and the hunt for a camera was put on hold. Last week we found one at a great price and Eric ordered it right away. Then we found out it was a bit of a scam (the battery wasn't included and was a very expensive addition), so we canceled the order. Geez Louise!

BUT, I'm writing today to tell you that we've finally had success! Eric got this little baby on Ebay and it arrived last night:

I'm much more excited about this camera (Canon PowerShot SD1100 IS Digital Elph) than I was about the Nikon (CoolPix S220). There are many more setting options and there's an actual view finder (not just an LCD screen), which is awesome in the sun. It's roughly the same size as the Nikon, and that was my favorite feature of that camera. We haven't really given it a good try yet, but I'm sure you'll be seeing some of the results in upcoming posts!

Note: Eric starts the Analytics Program at HBS tomorrow and I started a new job* yesterday. Our lives are about to be very different and very busy. Wish us luck!

*I will continue to update this blog and work on new designs and custom work for Everything Little Miss.


Sara said...

You'll have to let me know how you like it...unfortunately we're going to have to invest in a new one very soon too...

gramma said...

Best of luck to you and Eric on your new (ad)ventures.

lisatheisa said...

good luck you two, sounds all good!



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