Friday, July 31, 2009

Field Box 20, Row A, Seats 1 - 4

On Wednesday our friends, Diane & Wally, invited us to go to a Red Sox game.

Diane got free tickets from her boss, so of course we said yes. We've paid $80 each to go before, so this was great. None of us knew exactly where the seats were going to be, but Diane's boss had made it clear that they were very, very good.

Do you know where the dugout is? We sat to the right of it. When I say to the right, I mean that Diane's seat was touching it. Oh yeah, we were also in the front row. The only people closer to the field were the photographers in the pit in front of us. Holy moly! And did I mention we didn't pay a dime for the tickets? Life is good.

A family with a little boy sat across the aisle from us, and we let him stand in front of us to try to get an autograph. He was very cute, but not loud enough to get anybody's attention.

The Sox played the A's. Unfortunately they lost, but it was still a great game. And Varitek played, so I can't really complain. :)

Many thanks to Diane & Wally for the tickets and a GREAT NIGHT OUT!


Sara said...

OMG! Awesome seats and awesome photos! As much as I don't like the Red Sox, I just love going to baseball games! And YAY! for anything free!

Anonymous said...

Okay I am completely jealous, your seats were amazing (and free!!), that little boy was absolutely adorable and I'm so jealous!!!! Ever notice how Dustin looks like a younger version of my dad??? Well when hes shaven, take a peek and let me know :)


little miss spy said...

the game really was so cool. and kara, you're right about the look-a-like! never noticed before. :)

dad said...

lucky you!...the only place i've ever seen baseball games is from the nosebleed section up by the coke sign shea stadium.



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