Sunday, August 23, 2009

Meeting New People

Last night we went out to dinner with some HBS folks. We were randomly paired up with a small group of people (9 total) for dinner. We met one couple on campus before walking over to Tory Row to meet the rest of the group, and I took these pictures at HBS while we waited.

We weren't meeting at the restaurant until 8:30, so it was pretty dark out and all the lights were on. It was pretty. (I used the new camera!)

Dinner was nice, but I thought it was too loud for conversation. Plus, we sat at a long rectangular table that wasn't really conducive to a group discussion. I was on one end, so I didn't talk to the people at the other end at all. But it was a good opportunity to meet, or at least see, some of the other students (and one partner). The food was good, and I had a yummy lemonade that reminded me a little of my popsicles; if they put sugar in it, they didn't use much.

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