Thursday, August 20, 2009

Finding Balance

This week we're trying to a find a balance.

For the past 7 1/2 months, I was able to work on Everything Little Miss as much or as little as I wanted. Most days I spent about 8 hours (often closer to 10) designing, figuring out orders, brain storming, planing, blogging, taking and editing product photos, and anything else I needed to turn my hobby into a business. Everything changed when I started my new job on Monday. Now I'm working all day, so I'll have to dedicate early mornings, evenings, and nights to my entrepreneurial endeavor. I also have to figure out when to exercise and eat.

At the same time, Eric's remembering how to be a student and getting used to a completely different schedule. He currently has class in the morning and early afternoon, followed by a period reserved for independent study and preparation, and learning team meetings from 9 to 11 every night (NIGHT!) for the duration of the Analytics Program. It's all preparation for the real deal, so I expect the school year to be similar.

I've barely seen him the past 2 days; that will take some getting used to. I felt so lonely today, because I'd gotten used to spending 24 hours per day with him since he quit his job June 30.

But the good news is that people adapt and change and grow and learn. We're going to get used to our new lives. We're going to find what works for us. This is an exciting time; it's an adventure.

While I'm figuring it all out, I've got to remember to make time to stop and smell the flowers.

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Sara said...

My Dad tells me every day that that's what life is - figuring out a balance. It's definitely going to be an adjustment for you guys. It will take time and you will have good days and bad days, but you have the right attitude and I know you'll figure it out!!

gramma said...

change and challenge are what life is all about. Success depends on how one handles each situation.
So far you have made good choices.
Keep it up.

The Drew said...

In my experience, less is more when it comes to spending time with Eric. If you can finagle it, 0 minutes of Eric time everyday can be very healthy. That's been my secret to keeping my hair looking beautiful (and Herbal Essences).


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