Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I Hear You're Jealous

It worked out that our visit to San Francisco and Drew's visit back home were only few weeks apart. Drew arrived in Boston at 6:30 AM on August 1, and he left this morning on the 6 AM flight back. He loves the Vineyard, so we spent Monday - Thursday there with the whole family.

A number of people told me last week that they were jealous of the time I was spending on the Vineyard and at the beach. I admit it, I've been living the high life recently. But I'm ready to get back to regular life, because right now regular life seems like it'll be a break. I had a grand time traipsing from state to state and town to town, but now I'm sleepy and happy to be using my own bed, pillows, shower, and couch!

P.S. I upgraded to a Flirckr Pro account, so I'll probably be adding more photos there than I have in the past. Click here to see my Flickr.

P.P.S. Today on the Everything Little Miss blog I've posted photos of some new customized stationery.

[The top photo is Eric's - that's me you see there, playing in the surf at sunset. The bottom photo is of Eric with his parents and brothers. Back: Drew, Jeff; Front: Eric, Kim, Will.]


lisatheisa said...

There's no place like home. :)

Andrea and Lenny said...

Such a "typical" Schwarz photo! I LOVE it!! :)


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