Thursday, August 27, 2009


Here's a picture to set the mood:

Last time I posted I was in denial, but it's time to face the facts; time to spill the beans. Our new camera? Yeah, I broke it Sunday morning. BROKE IT! We had it for less than a week. Smooth move, I know. I'm so mad at myself and so incredibly disappointed.

Want the back story? Okay, I'll tell you. Last Wednesday I saw a mouse in our kitchen. Then I found 3 little droppings (yes, I just wrote that) in the corner of the counter. How disgusting. I spent time Tursday, Friday, and Saturday checking our cabinets and looking for reasons for it to be there and giving the counters a good scrub down. (I found nothing, and must conclude that it was merely visiting from some other apartment in the building.)

Sunday morning I woke up bright and early. As I made my way to the couch I saw a little piece of debris, and I went to pick it up. It wasn't until I grabbed it that I realized it was some sort of centipede or something. ON THE COUCH! So I grabbed the new camera to take a picture so I could get rid of it before Eric woke up, but still show him what I'd found. After taking the picture, I put the camera on the couch; it was still on with the lens out.

Then I saw it. A mouse poop on the couch. I was so mad that I quickly spun around to go grab a tissue to dispose of the bug and the waste. My spin shifted the rug, which moved the sofa just enough to knock the camera onto the floor.

It fell about a foot and a half, in slow motion, onto the carpet. I saw it happen and I saw the edge of the lens hit the floor. Even so, I thought it's not possible for that little fall to have damaged it, and I continued on my mission to get the nasty things out of our apartment.

After the disposal was complete, I took a look at my camera, with nary a worry. Boy was I surprised when the lens wouldn't retract, but instead made a bad, mechanical noise and then a triple beep while displaying the message: "Lens error, restart camera." I was nearly in tears.

After doing some online research, it appears we'll have to replace the whole lens mechanism thingy. And it looks like it'll cost almost as much as we paid for the camera. So now the camera just sits there, lens out, mocking me. I'm not quite sure what action we'll be taking.

Silver lining: haven't seen any bugs or mice (or evidence of mice) since the incident Sunday morning.

[The photo was taken on our road trip in 2005.]


gramma said...

Whenever I would be upset about things breaking or malfunctioning, my husband would say,"It's only money". Now at my advanced age, when I complain about the same sort of things, my son, David, says, "As long as it isn't you".
That's putting things in perspective.

little miss spy said...

perspective is good.

docmay said...

my son david?

her son peter always says: 'fix it. whatever it is, it is cheaper than a nursing home!"

little miss spy said...



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