Thursday, February 26, 2009

My Mobile

I folded about 57 paper cranes today, so I could finish my mobile project. 

I've been thinking about putting together a mobile for years. I saw a crane mobile in Oh Joy on the 17th, and I was motivated to finally make my own. Now you know why I started making cranes last week

I woke up this morning and knew this project couldn't wait any longer. As soon as Paper Source opened I ran over (literally, because I figured I could get some exercise in while I was doing my errands) to pick up more origami paper. When I got home I sat down and folded and folded and folded and folded and folded. When I used up all of my paper, new and old, I had to string them together. I'm in love with the outcome. 

Woo hoo! Another project complete. 


*sara* said...

WOW!!! It's sooooooo BEAUTIFUL!!!

little miss spy said...

thanks :)
it took allllll day

Anonymous said...


BMay said...

ooooooh! that is beautiful!
bty my verification word is "poxillop"!!!! best one ever...


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