Monday, May 11, 2009

Lilacs: Purple + Green

Can we just stop for a minute and be amazed by nature? Wow! Mother Nature sure knows how to make me appreciate the little things. When I'm walking down the street and there's a lilac bush bending over a fence, I can't help but stop and take in that delightful scent for a few seconds. They remind me of my childhood and of home. I find them comforting and I wish I could get our apartment to smell like that. 

Lately, I've been on a purple kick. It's not generally my color of choice (orange, remember?), but every spring I fall in love all over again. Not only with purple and lilacs, but with so many things: the smells of freshly cut grass, BBQs, and flowers, and of course colors like the brand new green of buds, popping fuschias and yellows, and understated whites. 

When I have a house, I think I might turn the yard into a forest because there are so many trees that are glorious in the spring (and I want them all).


*sara* said...

Lilacs are my FAVORITE and they remind me of home too.

My mom said that when my parents bought the North Street house, lilacs surrounded the whole back yard and there was a giant one right in the center of the yard. Then my dad cut most of them down. It always made me sad that there were only a few left on the side of the driveway even though I never saw the rest of them. Hopefully she plants some at the new house!

Anonymous said...

No way, Orange is MY favorite color! ;)

Beautiful pic. We have an annual Lilac Festival where I live and it's going on this week!


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