Thursday, May 7, 2009

Letters From Gramma

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Early last week I mentioned that I was working a top secret project that I'd reveal on May 7. Today is my gramma's birthday, and I wanted the book I made for her to be a surprise. It totally was too! She wrote me the sweetest email after she received the gift. 

When I was in college, I asked my gramma to write to me about her life as a child and as a young woman. She sent me a series of emails that are very special to both of us. Since the first one, I've wanted to make some sort of book to preserve them, and this year I did it. Thanks to blurb, it's easy to make a professional book! 

I added photos (many of which my Uncle snuck out of the house and scanned for me) of family members to the letters, and now the stories have faces to go along with the names. I really love the book, and I know my gramma does too. 

Pictured (top to bottom): I wrapped the gift in pretty paper and attached a small hand drawn birthday card, the cover of the book shows my gramma on her wedding day (the dress is gorgeous and a lovely shade of brown), and the dedication page has my favorite picture of my gramma and me (as a baby, obviously).  

Happy birthday gramma. xoxo. 


*sara* said...

What an amazingly thoughtful gift! But then again, you are an amazingly thoughtful person, so there's no surprise there.

I LOVE blurb! And I hope you made yourself a copy of the book!

A few years ago, my Uncle Doug spent several months with my Gram recording stories of her childhood on the farm, in her voice. He would start with a question and then just let her talk, and let subject branch off. It was so wonderful because some of the stories I had never heard, but also, it is a piece of history that we will have forever.

Again, amazing gift!

gramma said...

All I can say is that your present to merea is the gift of a lifetime.
I cherish it as I cherish you.

lisatheisa said...

Wow what an amazing gift gramma is a lucky lady!
You two should have a book release party some day, would love to hear a live read of the letters. Congrats and Happy Birthday to your Gram!


BMay said...

oh april- how great is this! your gram is just bursting with pride and can't say enough...wonderful!

dad said...

am the book is great...i can't wait until i get my own copy.


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