Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts

Good morning! 

Last night I went to my very first networking event. I'm naturally pretty shy, so as the event drew near, I became more and more anxious. I purposely went alone so that I'd have to talk to people I didn't know, and I think that was a good idea. I have no problem talking to people one-on-one, it's just finding that person to start the conversation with that makes my heart pound. Anyway, I actually had a very nice time and met a number of interesting people. It's a monthly event and I think I'll become a regular because it's a great way to promote Everything Little Miss and make contacts for possible job opportunities.

Semi-related is the fact that I had to leave my "office" to go to said event. I used to cross the street and take the train everyday. I think I've lost my street crossing skills. I don't know the timing of the lights anymore! Ahhh. 

Oh oh! I learned how to drive a stick on Saturday! Eric recently had his car raised to normal height (the girl he bought it from had it all customized and lowered so that every minor bump felt like a crater and pot holes were nightmares) when he had to replace some parts (I have no idea which ones - struts??). But the change in the car meant I could learn to drive it without worrying about leaving the bottom of the car behind me on the road somewhere. I did pretty well too, and I drove on a real road with real traffic. I still need to master starting from a stop, because right now it's a pretty slow start, but I'll get there!

For the past 4 weeks I've been taking an e-course with Holly Becker of Decor8, and yesterday was the last day. It was called Blogging Your Way and it really helped me feel more confident about my blogs. I'm going to miss signing in on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Holly might offer this class again or offer a different class; I highly recommend signing up (check out the class badge in the right sidebar)!

This is getting pretty long, so I'll save the rest of the items on my list for next week. I'll leave you with this: On Saturday morning we went to Keezers and Eric bought a tux (yes, it's for HBS events). I totally found it and I deserve a finder's fee. It was $99, but if you look online, a new one goes for $1,784! Holy hello, I'm good. I don't have a picture of him in the tux yet (still needs  to be hemmed, but he looks REALLY handsome), but here's a photo of the store (if you need a men's suit or tux, this is the place). 

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I am Harriet said...

I never want to have to learn how to drive a stick. I've tried before and almost got killed...by the person trying to teach me :)

Mom in High Heels said...

Oh, I love driving a stick! I don't own a stick because it's too hard to shift and pass back water bottles, snacks, tisues, etc to Indy, but still love to drive them. Vroom!
Thanks for stopping by my blog. Bumpits! Awesomeness.

Jennifer said...

I'm jealous, I've never learned to drive stick. Okay, honestly, I tried, once, but sucked and gave up.

gramma said...

Way back when-- I learned to drive on a stick-shift car. I took lessons from a policeman. He said that I will have learned to drive when I could make it up a hill without stalling.
I did it-but today, there is no way that I would drive a car with a stick-shift.


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