Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Our Answers To The Quiz

Thank you to those who participated in my mini quiz yesterday! If you still want to get in on the action, just scroll down and leave your answers in the comments.  :) 

It's not fair for me to ask the questions and not answer them myself, is it? No way! Below you'll find my answers in pink and Eric's in blue. Enjoy!

  1. What's the perfect temperature?
    Mid-70s, 73 - 77. I can handle hotter, as long as it's not humid OR there's some place very close by to swim. I just hate to sweat. 

    80s and blazing sun because it's awesome.

  2. How many siblings do you have?
    I'm the oldest of 3. Emily is 5 years younger, and Max is 11 years younger. 

    2 younger brothers.

  3. Are you a morning person?
    Oh yes! Always have been. If I sleep past 7:30 I feel like I'm missing the day (weekends included). If the sun's out, I want to be part of it. 

    Not really.

  4. Do you have a hobby or favorite pastime? What is it?
    Folding origami cranes? Haha. I like so many things: walks with Eric, reading, photography, watching movies, SKIING, stopping to smell the flowers, spending time with family & friends, graphic design.

    My pastime is making fun of my girlfriend.
    Real pastime: reading "boring" non-fiction books.

  5. What's your favorite cereal?
    Chex (rice or corn). I also like Cheerios and Corn Flakes! And Honey Bunches of Oats, which looks like it's my wildest choice. I like the plain cerals because I don't like my milk to get a sweet flavor. And like to add banana slices. 

    Cinnamon Toast Crunch

  6. Do you enjoy a meal or snack that's a little (or a lot) weird?
    Okay here it is: a peanut butter and jelly sanwhich with a kosher dill pickel on the side accompanied by a tall, cold glass of chocolate milk (made in the blender so it's frothy). 

    Plain iceberg lettuce.

  7. Tell me about your best friend(s).
    I have a few. They listen without judging, give me support when I need it, and they each have very different ways of making me laugh. They make me feel comfortable and loved.

    I have several best friends. One, I live with. A few from high school, and a handful from college. 

  8. About how many books do you read each month?
    I guess it depends. If I pick up a few young adult fiction books one month, my numbers definitely jump because I sometimes read those in one or two days. But I'm going to guess that I average 2 or 3 books per month.

    One. (Ed. Note: because they're long and boring)

  9. What's you're favorite blog?
    I have several, but the ones I love the most belong to my family and friends. 

    Everything Little Miss

  10. Do you have a motto or favorite quote?
    "Nothing is worth more than this day." -Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

    I have several.

    "We're on a mission from God" -Blues Brothers
    "Not so!" -Best In Show

    I'll leave it at two otherwise I could go on forever.
Now I'll answer your questions: 

Are you as excited to see me as I am to see you this weekend?? :)  -Sara
Yes! In fact, I almost left the same question on your blog yesterday. Can't wait!

What's your favorite moment of the day?  -Jamie
I love the moments when I suddenly get a great idea for a design. I also love any moment that involves laughter.

Are you going to answer these questions?  -Cara
Indeed. See above! :)

If you could pick one moment in time to go back to and relive, what would it be?  -GreenJello
It would probably be 11 days after I graduated from college (and my health insurance coverage ended). I was roller skating around Eric's pool and fell and broke my arm. If I could relive that moment I would throw myself into the pool to avoid the broken bone. If I were to relive a moment exactly as it happened, I think I'd say my first kiss because it was so surprising and sweet. 

Thanks for playing!

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