Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts

Hey! I'm back for another round of seemingly unrelated thoughts.

Last week we had beautiful weather, and many people were sporting shorts for their outdoor exercise expeditions. That's cool. But I saw this girl wearing shorts with a drawstring, and the string was longer than her shorts! Yikes. The string was touching her leg, and that would drive me crazy. Didn't it tickle? The makers of the shorts knew the length, why would they make the string so long? On a more awkward note, I was staring at her shorts and then she smiled at me. Guess I wasn't as stealth as I imagined. 

I use band aids the way a six-year-old might. Like a band aid per day. If it hurts, a band aid fixes it. Small paper cut, hang nail, scrape - I'm using a band aid. At my last job, I considered the band aids in the cabinet a benefit. Anybody else love band aids as much as I do?

On Sunday we saw a license plate that said "EFN." I thought it was really funny. (In my head, it says effin', as in "no effin' way!")

Isn't it funny that a pint glass, which is generally reserved for beer, can also hold a pint of cream? Since cream comes in a carton it seems like a totally different form of measurement. It's not. 

Commercial of the week: MicroForce by ShavePro. For all those times you need to shave in the deep end of the pool. And if you're prone to dropping your razor into glasses filled with liquid, you might want to consider switching brands.

I used an entire box of tissues last week (Monday - Saturday). How many did you use? 

On Thursday I started a new series on Everything Little Miss. It's called Lost In Thoughts, and will appear on Thursdays for 8 weeks. I'll share things that I find inspiring, so stop by for some lovlieness and motivation! :)

I think this tree and its root look like a giant's leg and foot. Do you see what I'm seeing?

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Blogging Mama Andrea said...

I love your random thoughts and the picture is great. I too would have jumped straight to effin :)

Stopping by from Keely's.

Elle said...

That string would drive me crazy too! The picture does look like a leg with a foot.

I am Harriet said...

Makes you wonder

Tiaras & Tantrums said...

my little one loves band aids like you - she gets a bump - she cries for a band aid!

GreenJello said...

That giant has serious athlete's foot problems.

*sara* said...

I effin' love your love of band aids! lol And that's a pretty cool tree! It does look like a foot.

Amy Platon said...

Ok but do you put them all over at the same time like my kids oh and it only applies if they are character bandaids...cause the "like skin" ones don't count! lol

Casey said...

I can't wear drawstrings that hang down because either:

1. I think there's a spider and scream like a girl (I am a girl but try not to scream like one)
2. My kids chew on them and I walk around the house dragging children like fish on a line.

I love band aids.

Keely said...

That foot looks like the guy on that TLC special...

I used to love my jazzy bandaids. I had ones with little graphics of sushi on them. I guess I should hurt myself more often these days if I want to use them again!

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

Princess Nagger uses bandaids like you do... ;)

I totally would have seen effin' in EFN - I saw DRK once and immediately thought 'Dork'. :)

That tree absolutely looks like a leg and foot! :)

Happy Random Tuesday! ;)

Angel said...

I use bain-aids in that way, I actually went to the store and bought a box for work and then put my name on it. I have some in the car, my room and the bathroom, band-aid's rock!

I love that commercial I now want to shave in a pool.... although that might be kinda gross I mean all those little hairs in the pool water... huh..

Jaime said...

i'm definitely seeing what you are in that picture.

~~tonya~~ said...

LOL on the bandaids. My son is exactly like that. We should buy stock in Band-Aid.

LOL at Casey thinking the drawstring is a spider on her leg--I have so dont that. Too funny!

Great Random Thoughts!

ArtSnark said...

Great RTT.
Our bandaid selection has a cartoon character hierarchy. My son likes hello kitty for light wounds & race cars for the heavy stuff


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