Thursday, April 2, 2009

Eric's Going To HBS!

Today Eric found out that he's been accepted to Harvard Business School! I'm so, so proud. The next two years will be very interesting. :)

If you're wondering, I spent the last 45 minutes figuring out how to spell out "congratulations" with things I could find in the apartment. Success! 

From left to right: cookie, chocolate candy (thanks Kim), cigars, twisty tie, advil, broken rubber band, batteries, ribbon, corkscrew, letter cut from one of Eric's magazines (sorry), band aids, crystal + necklace pendant, top of a drink umbrella, q-tips, holes from a hole punch (aka confetti).

[click image to enlarge]


*sara* said...

Your collage is adorable!

Congratulations, Eric! That is so, so exciting!! :D

mina said...

You have three cigars laying around the house?

(love the congrats... and of course, congrats, Eric!)

little miss spy said...

hahahaha. cigars laying around the house? he has a CIGAR JAR full of them! i just picked some small ones. yuck.

Emily said...

YAY ERIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ps love the congrats sign!!!

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

Love the collage!! CONGRATS to Eric - lots of excitement over there for sure! ;)

The Schwarz said...

Thanks everybody I really appreciate it!! I'm very excited.

♥georgie♥ said...

YAY Eric...thats awesome!

gramma said...

Wow, Eric!!

Andrea and Lenny said...

YAY!!!!!! How incredible!! Congratulations Eric!!! We're so proud and excited for you!!

And OMG April... love the Congratulations collage!! Nice work!

~ Andrae & Lenny


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