Monday, April 13, 2009

Boston - New Jersey - Harvard - Boston

Wow. It was a looooooong weekend. I need about 10 more hours of sleep. But it was a good weekend. Better than good. 

Friday afternoon we drove to New Jersey. With traffic, it took us about 5 hours. Our first stop was my grandparent's house (mom's parents) for dinner.  We met my parents and brother there. I've been missing my family a lot, so it was really exciting to see them. Unfortunately, my sister was busy and couldn't come, but my aunt Lisa joined us, and that was a welcome surprise. 

After dinner we headed over to my gramma's house (dad's mom). The next morning I woke up bright and early and had a nice talk with my gramma before we started preparing for the Passover Sedar (we always celebrate the holiday on the weekend). My dad's brother and his wife came around 2:30 and they brought some delicious cheese. The sedar started around 4:30.It was fun and there was lots of laughing. But it was a seriously long day.

Sunday we had fresh bagels for breakfast. Then we hit the road around 10:30 because we were headed to Harvard, MA for Easter dinner with Eric's family. I took the picture from the car. I really like that you can see the city through the gaps in the bridge's railing. The drive took about 4 hours (no traffic!) and we ate at 3:00. Dinner was delicious and the company was even better. After dinner we played the egg game.* I was out first and Eric's mom won. We sort of ate and ran, but we were soo, soo, soooooooo tired. 

The end.

*How to play the egg game: Select a hard boiled egg. Sit in a circle (or around a table) and go clockwise. Tap (or slam - your choice) one end of your egg against your opponent's. If yours breaks, use the other end to try again with the person on your other side (if yours didn't break, use the same side). Then your second opponent turns to her left and tries with the next person. And so on. You continue this way until both ends of the egg are broken, at which point you're out and the chain skips you. The person who is left with at least one undamaged side of their egg at the end is the winner. It's fun - you should try it. 

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