Thursday, April 16, 2009

Our Evening Walk

Most evenings, when the weather's nice, Eric and I take a walk when he gets home from work. We usually push ourselves and turn it into a bit of a workout. However, this week I've had allergies (or a cold, I'm really not sure), and our walks have turned to strolls so I can breathe. 

Early in our walk today, the ground was littered with these fluffy little blossoms. Just as I was starting to wonder where on Earth they came from, we happened upon the source. We also saw a few robins (those little devils are fast! I haven't gotten a good picture yet), squirrels, and some bright red tulips that were ready to burst. 

Do you know what we didn't see? A woodpecker. We heard it though! We stopped and stared at a group of trees trying to find it. No luck. So we went on our way, and it immediately started pecking again. So we stopped to look. When we didn't see it we pretended to walk away. But the bird was too smart and didn't make a peep (or a peck) until we were walking away in earnest! 

After that nothing much happened until a police car pulled up beside us and asked if we'd called the cops. Nope, not us. So he sped off. A few minutes later we saw him circling the neighborhood, so we don't know what was going on. 

*I started a new series over at Everything Little Miss, called Lost In Thoughts. Each Thursday, for 8 weeks, I'll share some things that make me feel creative. 

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♥georgie♥ said...

i SO HAVE SPRING FEVER....sounds like a lovely walk...until the cops showed up...did you ever find out what was up?


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