Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Just For Laughs

When I was home visiting my parents and my brother, we found some weird glasses. I can't quite remember where they came from, but I think they'd been in the lost and found pile at my dad's office for a long time. We took them home and Max put them on.

He looked hilarious. This picture is cracking me up! I am laughing out loud as I type (for real). I'm thinking about how much we were laughing during our little photo shoot; we had such a great time. He somehow manages to look charming in spite of the huge specks, but he looks incredibly silly at the same time.

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Emily said...

sagfjaksgdkjagd max looks ridiculous!!! LOVE IT!!!

dad said...

he obviously gets his good looks from his dad.

gramma said...

Funny. Is that a wig? Fortunately, I know for a fact, that your brother, my grandson is a handsome devil


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