Tuesday, October 6, 2009

An Afternoon In Greenfield, MA

When we left Plymouth, VT on Sunday, we headed to Greenfield, MA. From there, Eric headed back to Boston and I spent the afternoon in Greenfield, MA with my dad. We walked around the town and had bite at The People's Pint (which was awesome; I highly recommend this place). I had a homemade raspberry-lime soda. Can you say delicious?

We saw a really, really small cafe. It was closed, so we didn't get to try it out. I don't know that we could both fit in it! Look at it compared to the car parked outside. Haha.

At 2-ish we headed over to Hope & Olive for a small party that my dad was invited to. I tagged along and spoke with some very nice folks. There were some hors d'oeuvres and one lady brought yummy chocolate mocha cupcakes. I generally don't like chocolate, coffee, or cake, so that's how good they were.

It was beautiful day, and I had a great time with my dad. After that we drove to North Adams; I'm working from home allllll week!

1 comment:

gramma said...

How can anyone notlike chocolate cupcakes?
I was tempted to lick the computer screen.


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