Sunday, July 12, 2009

Weekend In The Sun

The past few days have been absolutely beautiful. Thank you, Mother Nature! Friday evening we went for a walk and brought the camera.

Maybe you'll think we're boring, but after our walk we just hung out in our apartment. Eric was working on some stuff for HBS (the students all have to take 3 on-line tutorials and pass some tests before they can officially start school) and I made those baskets for my mom.

Yesterday we headed out to Harvard to spend some time by the pool. Eric's parents were on The Vineyard, so we had the place to ourselves. We picked up some sandwhich fixin's on the way and made ourselves pitas with turkey, cheese, cucumbers, and tomatoes for lunch. Plus a giant deli pickle on the side. We had plums for dessert (and some ice cream, I'll be honest). We swam a bit and enjoyed the sunshine. I finished my book (American Gods - sooooo good) and Eric had his laptop on the deck and continued his tutorial work (he passed the first test with flying colors, aren't you proud?!).

We ended up staying the night because our friend was also in town dog-sitting for his parents. We hung out with him last night and watched The Wrestler. I had to cover my eyes a few times, because some scenes were just too disturbing, but I thought it was a good movie. I don't know who the heck Micky Rourke is, but he was very believable.

Today we spent more time in the sun and in the pool (woo hoo!) before coming back to Boston.

I have to get a ton of work done in the first half of this week, because we're headed to San Francisco on Thursday! We're visiting Eric's brother, Drew, and Kristen's parents. I'm really looking forward to our time on the West Coast. Don't worry, we'll be bringing the camera.

Were you all able to get out and enjoy the weather? I hope it was nice wherever you were!

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