Saturday, July 18, 2009

Arriving In San Francisco

It's late (2:09 AM at home; 11:09 AM in San Francisco), so I'll make this short.

Yesterday (July 16) we flew across the country. The flight was long (6+ hours) and uncomfortable, but it was worth it.

We went straight to Drew's office to have lunch with him, and Bill and Judy met us there.

Drew worked in the afternoon, and Bill & Judy drove us around. The highlights of our adventures were ice cream at Bi-Rite and the view from Twin Peaks.

I was still figuring out the settings on the new camera, and I'm not thrilled with the pictures I took with it yesterday. Eric got a few nice shots with the Canon, including this one of Bill and Judy at the top of Twin Peaks, which has a stunning view of San Francisco.

Today was busy, and I'm much too tired to write about it now! More pictures and stories soon.


gramma said...

Are Bill and Judy Kristen's 'ma and pa'?
I think the last time I saw them was at your H.S. grad.

little miss spy said...

yes, bill and judy are kristen's parents! they moved to CA when we were sophomores in high school.


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