Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Muir Woods

Saturday was a full day. We went to the farmers' market in the morning and got some peaches, fancy cheese, a giant loaf of bread, and some granola that had a tag line claiming it was the best on the planet (it wasn't).

Then we took a zip car over the Golden Gate Bridge to Muir Woods to see the redwood trees.

It was my first time on the bridge, and even though it was too foggy to see anything I really enjoyed it. I've seen the trees before, but they're still so completely stunning.

We broke the rules (bad signage, I swear) and ate our cheese, peaches, and bread on a bench under some enormous trees. There was a ranger nearby showing a group of kids a banana slug. Don't know what it is? It's basically a giant yellow slug with super sticky slime.

When we left the woods, we came back to San Francisco for a tour of Alcatraz. I'll write about that later.

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Sara said...

LOVE that picture of you! Glad you're back safely!


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