Saturday, July 18, 2009

Full House Day

Yesterday Eric and I went to Pat's Cafe for breakfast. Then we spent the afternoon with Hannah and Paz, her dog.

Yeah, we defnitely spent the day in seach of all things Full House. It wasn't quite a religious mecca, but almost.
Our first stop was Alamo Square Park. This is where the Tanners are picnicking during the opening credits.

Then we went to Broderick Street to see the real house. After that we grabbed burritos at El Burrito Express. We ate them in some park, which wouldn't have been weird except two bums decided to plant themselves right next to us. At one point the woman said (loudly) "we should move because they're trying to eat." They proceeded to stay in the exact same place. That's the trouble with the word "should," I guess.

Hannah had a loner truck, but we still drove down Lombard Street (aka the "crookedest street"). This hills this town are nuts. Seriously, they're a little scary. Driving up to the top of this hill was intense. First of all, we had to wait in a line so we had to keep stopping and the hill is at like a 50° angle. Crazy. But then we went down the crooked part and it was pretty fun. The gardening on the hill is really beautiful.

We had a lot of fun with Hannah, because she's hilarious and she told some wonderful stories. I'm so glad we got to spend time with her! The dog was pretty funny too.

After that, Eric and I were on our own. We walked over to Pier 39 (which is pretty close to Drew's apartment) . Don't worry, there's totally an episode of Full House where Wake Up San Francisco is shooting live from the Pier. It's the episode where Comet gets away (Michelle loses him at the corner of Alamo Square Park, I believe, because she can't cross the road) and finds a girlfriend.

The two dogs visit Coit Tower, and the Tanners make a plea to the city (live on the show at the Pier) to look for the dog. Sooooo, it totally makes sense that we also visited Coit Tower after Pier 39.

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Anonymous said...

It looks like soo much fun! It's beautiful out there! I hope you see someone famous and get to take a picture with them too :) Bill and Judy look great!!! Enjoy your vaca!


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